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Try Not to Lose 'World's Smallest' Fully Functional Mobile Phone – Geek

Mobile devices have come a long way since Zack Morris’ brick phone.

But while consumer demand calls for increasingly larger handsets, one UK-based company is thinking small—very, very small.

Clubit New Media last week introduced Zanco Tiny T1, the smallest fully functional mobile phone “in the world.”

More petite than your thumb, lighter than a coin, and “ridiculously cute,” the toy-like device operates on 2G, with a 200mAh battery boasting 180 minutes talk time (just like the ’90s phones the Zanco mimics).

It’s “perfect for joggers, runners, walkers, cyclists, and those who take part in extreme sports, because it’s so compact it can go in any size pocket” (via Clubit New Media/Kickstarter)

And while the Tiny T1 claims to work on any mobile phone network, second-generation cellular technology has long been superseded by newer systems. In the US, various carriers have announced plans to shut down the outdated tech: AT&T abandoned 2G GSM service in January; Verizon and T-Mobile intend to do the same in the next two to three years.

So, while Zanco may seem like the ideal backup phone or novelty gift, think twice about how long the miniature mobile will suffice. (The Kickstarter campaign urges potential buyers to “please check your local area has 2G coverage before pledging.”)

If you’re still in the market for an itty-bitty handset—”perfect for joggers, runners, walkers, cyclists, and those who take part in extreme sports,” the maker said—pre-order yours for £30 ($40).

Expected to ship anywhere in the world by May 2018, the Zanco Tiny T1 bar phone is equipped with 32GB of storage: enough to hold up to 300 phone numbers and 50 SMS texts.

“It’s a great conversation starter,” according to the manufacturer (via Clubit New Media/Kickstarter)

Assuming you can read the 12.5mm OLED screen and tap the crumb-sized keys, this may be the right emergency phone for you. It actually fits in that seemingly useless little pocket on your jeans or running leggings.

“In the immortal words of Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park, ‘We spent so long figuring out if we could, we never stopped to question if we should,” Zanco’s crowdfunding page said. “So now we are giving you the opportunity to answer that question by backing this campaign.”

As of press time, Clubit New Media has collected more than £14,000 ($18,775) from 304 backers. You still have 31 days to help Tiny T1 reach its £25,000 ($33,528) goal.


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